About Formetrix

Formetrix is an advanced materials company specializing in 3D-printable steel alloys with exceptional hardness and toughness. Formetrix’s tool steel powders are designed for very demanding applications and to be easily printed on a variety of standard laser powder bed fusion printing platforms.

The advanced materials from Formetrix ENABLE the significant advantages of Additive Manufacturing for many segments of the tool, die, mold, and specialty part industries. Formetrix is working hard to become “The New Standard” for 3D printing materials in these market segments.

To support the growth of it’s AM business, Formetrix was spun out of NanoSteel, a company with a long history of developing highly engineered steel alloys. The company now resides in a new, state-of-the-art facility with in-house 3D printing capabilities, metallurgical characterization equipment, and a highly capable technical staff.

Formetrix is currently selling its cutting-edge Additive Manufacturing materials in North America and Europe. The company’s headquarters and innovation center are located in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Formetrix broadens its operational and
innovation footprints by working closely with customers and strategic partners around the world.