New Steel Alloys For Metal 3D Printing

Formetrix’s expertise is in designing new steel alloys to reach targeted properties. Our patented BLDRmetal® powders use conventional steel alloying elements in novel ratios to create a powder platform well suited to the stresses experienced in most additive manufacturing processes.

We use the combination of chemistry and process to generate products with advanced performance in areas such as hardness and wear resistance.

However, designing new alloys is just the first step in bringing a 3D printed product to market, so we also partner with our customers to design a full workflow—from printing parameters to post-process optimization.

Additive manufacturing can offer benefits over the more established subtractive or formative processes:

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    Just-In-Time Production

    Many industries keep large warehouses with parts inventories that may never be needed, just in case. With 3D printing, these parts can be made on demand, reducing both the cost of making and maintaining inventory.

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    Enhanced Design Flexibility

    Additive manufacturing can allow the part designer to create shapes that are impossible or impractical to design through other methods. Additionally by enabling the manufacture of more complex geometries, designers can then combine many parts into one or even build an entire assembly of interconnected and moveable parts in one step.

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    For low volume or customized parts, such as is found in the aerospace or medical industries, 3D printing can be a less expensive production process since no tooling is required and the cost of a single piece of capital equipment can be spread over many parts.

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    3D Printing reduces the ecological footprint of a part by using less material in the part, reducing the risk of creating inventory that is never used and also by allowing parts to be made not just when they are needed but where they are needed—such as on an offshore oil rig, a Navy submarine or even on a space shuttle, reducing transportation impact.

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