Formetrix’s L- 40 ‘workhorse’ highlighted in Additive Manufacturing

May 20, 2020

‘Tool Steel Alloy Combines 3D Printability with Hardness, Ductility for Tool and Die,’ Stephanie Hendrixson, senior editor, Additive Manufacturing

Stephanie Hendrixson, senior editor of Additive Manufacturing talks with Formetrix’s own, Jonathan Trenkle, VP of Research, Development and Operations about L-40 and it’s impact on the tooling and die industry.

  • Formetrix’s L-40 for Powder Bed Fusion 3D printing enables complex mold geometries at efficient print speeds, with a low risk of cracking
  • L-40 was developed to solve the problems with 3D printed tool steels – L-40 is the workhorse tool steel for AM
  • 3D printed L-40 tools have helped fill the need of complex molds that were too complex to be traditionally machined
  • With the cost of printing coming down, people are starting to realize it’s (L-40) for tooling and die, and steel in general