Designing Complex Solutions

Formetrix has developed a simplified process for bringing new metal 3D printed products through to commercialization. The unique design systems and complex solutions project begins with evaluation of the customer needs and includes new material development, prototyping and small batch production.

The value Formetrix provides customers is the range of services from transactional powder sales to customized part and systems solution for the material. Formetrix offers distortion mitigation, surface requirement optimization specific to each customers requirements.

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Determine Level Of Formetrix Assistance, Set Targets And Scope

The problem statement and customer requirements are determined to set the project scope. Current common alloys including M300 and 17-4PH and existing BLDRmetalĀ® alloys are evaluated for fit. Targets for new materials development, if required, are determined.

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Deliverable: Alloy Composition And Initial Process Parameters

When a new alloy design is required, Formetrix will use ICME tools and rapid iteration to identify a printable alloy that meets the required specifications and determine basic properties and parameters.

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Deliverable: Prototype

After an alloy is selected, printing is optimized based on part dimension and dimensional tolerances. Performance and first economics assessment is compared to initial target specification.

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Deliverable: Final Manufactured Part

Once dimensional tolerances are met, post-processing requirements are determined given surface finishing requirements. Finally the workflow is optimized for improved economics, efficiency and supply chain implementation.

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